20 Steps of Sexting

Sexting is the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit.

In a sentence: "He keeps sexting me saying how hard he is and how much he wants to tap my ass," Cindy said massaging her breasts unconsciously.

Sexting in action:
Nancy: "Wut do u want?"
Bob: "Cum over to my place now."
Nancy: "Is NE1 else there?"
Bob: "No. I need to c u."
Nancy: "K. Will b there soon."

Now this example was directly taken from ubandictionary. However, this is not the right and proper way to start. In my detailed list of instructions for proper sexting you will find, if followed correctly, you too can become a sexting master.

At a regular bar:
1. Make sure you look for a girl that is not with a bunch of guys (or any guys at all) although if you want a challange make sure you make conversation with the guy(s) with her. Something like this:

---"hey ladies, me and my friends were wondering if you wanted to play some cards at the table over there with us." Then look at the men in the party and say, "you guys should play too, its lots more fun with more people."

2. When everyone sits down make sure that you explain to them that the game you are playing needs to have everyone seated in a male-female-male orderly fashion. This will give you better odds in communicating with a girl.

3. Start playing the game (doesn't matter what game) and continue to make small talk with everyone at the table, but make sure you focus certain questions at a particular girl you are interested in sexting later that night.

---"where is everyone from?" Good question to start, when everyone is done saying where they are from, focus on the girls answer. She said "California." You say, "oh no shit! I go out there every summer and hang with some of my friends! Where in Cali are you from?" This will give you the advantage of only talking with her but at the same time not ignoring everyone at the table. Also, a good strategy is; if you can not think of anything, lie!

4. Keep yourself engaged with the game, but remember not to ignore the girl. Add some other questions just like the first and do this over and over again, make sure you spread them out though.

5. Make sure you are keeping an eye out to when the girl you are wanting to sext is done with her drink. Always offer to get her another one! If you feel confident enough you can try this: When she gets up to get her own drink - make sure she is not sitting on the outside of the table - touch her in some way, could be a slight brush on her back or even ass, it just depends on how well you think you are doing for the night.

6. While she is up getting a drink, make sure to ask the guys in the group that she came with a few very important questions.

---"So how do you guys know Rachel?" or whatever her name might be.
---"she is really pretty, how come you guys haven't hooked up with her?" - make sure the other girls at the table are listening to you talk about their friend, and they will surely tell her when they all take the bathroom break together.
---and if everything is going good with those questions, "do you think she would be offended if I got her number at the end of the game?"

7. Now, provided everything went as planned, she comes back from getting her drink, and then all the girls go to the bathroom. This next part is very important!

8. When they come back from the bathroom, give her eye contact but not too much. If she gives you some back with a little smile then your in! Good job so far!

9. The card game is over and now the hard part comes. You need to get her number somehow. How you ask? It is very easy.

10. Have your cell phone out at all times.

11. It may sound lame, but ask her what kind of cell phone she has and explain to her you were just wondering if the chargers where the same since your cell was almost dead. This is how it should go:

YOU: "hey, what kind of cell phone do you have?"
HER: "Oh I have a *%&$%*^& (whatever she says, doesn't matter)"
YOU: "Nice cell, I was just wondering because mine is about dead and I wanted to get your number so I could CALL you sometime to hang out."
---NOTE - do not tell her you are going to text her.
HER: "oh well here I will just give you my number now before your phone dies"
YOU: "that sounds great, I will give you a call or something like next week if thats cool with you?"
HER: "yeah that will work, my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx."

12. Now you got her number, good job! The most important part of these steps is this one! Start all over, yes, you heard me, start from step 1 again and get another number. Repeat these steps 20 minutes before the bar closes or you are ready to go. Hopefully you aren't a pussy and will close down the bar though.

---Step 12 is to insure that you will have more then one girl to sext if one of them doesn't sext you back - always have a back up plan!

13. Now lets say you have about 3 numbers by the time you need to start sexting. So say good bye to the last girl, and sext the first one you talked to that night. If the first doesn't respond go on to the second. If no response then you need to wait 5 minutes before bar closing time to sext the last girl. Do not sext too soon after meeting, they may think its creepy! Keep in mind, sexting with more than one girl at the same time and should not be attempted unless pro status has been achieved - check at bottom to see if you are at pro status, intermediate or begginer.

14. This is how your sexting should go:

YOU: "hey"
HER: "who is this?" - no this is a normal response because most of the time they wont have your number - you didnt give it to them, you only got theirs!
YOU: "aww you dont remember playing cards (or whatever you did) with the nicest guy in the world?"
HER: "oh yeah, sorry I didnt have your number, whats up?"
YOU: "well i couldnt wait any longer to text you, your too cute"
HER: "awe thanks, i thought you were cute too"


15. Now if she gives you a compliment back that is the same as yours, that is a good thing! That pretty much means your in! However, the next set of rules need to be followed to the T!

--do not sext too fast --
--do not sext her more then once after her response--
--go slowly into it--
--ask lots of questions--
--do not tell her you are a pervert--
--do not jokingly tell her you lover her no matter what-- (could get a stalker ya never know)
--text her for at least 15-20 minutes before getting sexual--

16. After the allowed timeframe of 15-20 minutes has gone by, it is ok to ask her what her plans are for the rest of the night. This is important - no matter what she says, tell her you wish you could be there hanging out with her - if she says going to bed, do it anyway, grow some balls and sext it to her she will think its cute!

17. Wait for her response, she may be thinking your a stalker type, so make sure you wait! there is a 1 and 10 chance she asks you to join her, highly unlikely. When she does respond, make sure you tell her that she looked good, something like this;
--"your eyes look amazing, so did your hair, wait, your whole body looked great...lol *blush*"
This will get her to laugh and hopefully give you a compliment as well.

18. After you get her to laugh, sext her these exact words, "so, you wanna make out sometime?" I know it is pretty cheesey, but you have to think, you already got her laughing and she will think its funny and hopefully go alone with it. If she goes along with it, then you can start getting a little more raunchy which is great and will eventually lead to hardcore sexting! Keep in mind that you only want to do hardcore sexting with girls you are interested in, as it will lead to real hardcore sex eventually.

19. Make sure you sext with her as long as possible, if she says she needs to go to bed, always throw in a comment about you wishing you were there in bed with her - but make sure you throw cuddling in there at some point too, girls love that!

20. The final step. After the hardcore sexting is over, make sure you tell her how much of an amazing time you had "talking" to her - never use the phrase "sexting" this could get you in trouble. Make sure she knows you will be wanting more and want to hang out - sexting always leads to a date if your good.

If you follow these steps, there is no doubt in my mind that you will become a pro-sexter very quickly!

Check below to see how you rate:

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you have sexted with less than 5 girls

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